Mexen is a dice game very popular with college students. It is also known as Mexico or Mexicans. The game often involves a lot of booze and a lot of fun. Mexen does well at parties and is a fun drink.

Goal : Throwing Mex (2 and 1)
Number of Players : Unlimited number of participants
Requirements : 2 dice, glasses and drinks

The game is played with dice thrown at the same time. The first player decides how many times it is allowed to throw, with a maximum of three times. If the first player is satisfied with his score after throwing twice, the other players may also throw twice. The last number of eyes thrown counts, not the highest score. So estimate your chances well. After everyone has thrown, it is determined who has the lowest number of points. This person must empty the glass of drink. This person may also start throwing the next round.

The highest score that can be achieved is Mex; a 2 and a 1. When a player rolls a 1 or a 2 on a turn, he may leave it and try to form Mex with the other die. This simply counts as a throw. A player may only leave the 1 or 2 once. Any third roll must therefore be rolled with two dice again.

The highest number thrown counts as ten, the lowest as a unit. So when a 3 and a 6 are rolled, this player has 63 points. With a roll of two of the same number of eyes, the number counts as a hundred. So with double 4 you rolled 400 points.

Extra rules

Throwing a die off the table:  Empty glass.
Rolling a 3 and a 1:  This player may appoint someone to empty a glass. 
BuyoutWhen a person decides to stop, it is decided on the spot how many glasses they have to eat in order to stop.
Mats-Adt  When things get out of hand with someone, you can choose to drink his or her drink. 

End of game
The game is over when it has been jointly decided to quit or when the drink is finished.